Ashi Films Origin

Based in Tokyo, Ashi Films was started by Fuyuko & John.  We are a husband and wife team that collaborates on documentary and branded video assignments in Japan. John comes from an advertising background and later transitioned to documentary-making. Fuyuko is an anthropologist who has worked as a Director for Ortus Japan Ltd a major documentary production company in Tokyo.  Her projects included work for  NHK, NHK World, NHK Wave and Yahoo! Japan. In 2016, we started our own documentary production company, Ashi Films LLC. Since 2016, we have collaborated on over 80 short films. Our independent documentary called In the Eyes of Children was screened at 7 film festivals including the Long Island Film Expo, in New York. Our growing client list combines John’s commercial clients with our growing list of documentary ones, Channel News Asia, CNN, Yahoo! Japan, Nissan Europe, Mazda, Patagonia and Vice Media.



Fuyuko Mochizuki

Ashi Films Tokyo Based Documentary Production and Film

I grew up at the foot of Mt‭. ‬Fuji living off the land‭. ‬The surrounding nature and the lifestyle nurtured‭ ‬“the sense of wonder”‭ ‬in me‭. ‬Later this grew to be‭ an ‬insatiable curiosity toward the world‭.  ‬I studied peace and conflict studies in UC Berkeley‭, ‬and‭ ‬then completed my master’s degree in anthropology at Hitotsubashi University‭, ‬Japan‭.‬

‭ Making documentary ‬is furthering my interest in anthropology thus human beings and the world and the self‭.‬


John Enos

Tokyo Based Documentary Production and Film

I studied at Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara in the nineties‭. ‬Later‭, ‬I made Los Angeles my home and worked with my dearest friend‭, ‬Nitin Marwah to build our Commercial Photography‭.  ‬We specialised in Car Clients and after 5‭ ‬years of working together I moved to Barcelona‭. ‬There I shifted gears a bit‭, ‬taking an interest in Fashion and Film‭. ‬The 13‭ ‬years in Barcelona not only taught‭ ‬me Spanish but expanded my visual references and understanding of the craft‭. ‬In 2016‭ ‬I made the move to Tokyo‭, ‬where I have‭  ‬begun my newest journey‭.‬


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